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Retirement and investment services

The earlier you start preparing for retirement, the more options you have to set a course that suits you. We sort out your finances. Work out how much money you have now, how much you might have in the future and where it is coming from.

Get on top of your finances by finding out:

  • What assets (house, savings, investments) you have and how much they are worth
  • How much super you have and when you can access it
  • When you can apply for the age pension and whether you are likely to be eligible

The next step is to look at how your needs might change over time. For instance, in the first few years of retirement, you might want to travel or take up a new hobby. Later, you may want to replace your car or renovate your kitchen. Further down the track, you may want to move into a retirement village.

Think about how you can use your different income sources to fund the different stages of your life. The important thing is to plan for the long term, not just the next 5 years.

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